FAQs about Joy Coaching

What is a Life/Joy Coach?

Newsweek describes a coach as “part consultant, part motivational speaker, part therapist and part rent-a-friend…[who helps people] define and achieve their goals—career, personal, or most often, both.”

I believe that we are responsible for the quality of our lives and that we create our own reality, but that to reach our full potential, we need people who can help us evolve and grow and who have our best interests in mind. A coach can serve as a mentor, teacher, and motivator.

How long must I commit to working with a coach?

I don’t ask clients to sign a contract of any kind. It may take a few sessions to see significant progress, but I coach you as long as there is benefit to you and you have goals to reach.

Shouldn’t I be able to reach my goals on my own?

We’ve all tried this, myself included. We think “will power” is enough, but for lasting change to happen, we need to go deeper and be accountable to someone who is objective and supportive and can see patterns of behavior that may be holding us back. And you will reach your goals MUCH faster with a coach.

What are your payment terms?

Full payment (PayPal, cash, or check) is due prior to the coaching session. A discount for multiple sessions is available. The fee is $45 per hour.

Do you also teach classes?

Yes, I teach groups classes on achieving goals, happiness, decluttering your life, weight loss and other personal growth topics.

What’s the difference between coaching and therapy?

Therapy usually involves problem-solving by understanding what happened in the past. In therapy, a person is typically being treated for a given mental health issue, such as depression or anxiety. Psychotherapy deals with healing psychological issues and is generally long-term and intensive.

Coaching focuses on taking active steps  to change and starts off with the assumption that the client is well. Coaching is focused on the future and on helping the client become empowered to find the best path for themselves. Life coaches are not qualified to diagnose or treat any health-related problem. A coach helps the client set rewarding goals and develop strategies to achieve them, providing support throughout the process.

Therapy asks, “How did you get here?” Life coaching asks, “Where are you going?” Therapy focuses on emotional healing. Coaching focuses on mastering your mindset, releasing old, limiting beliefs, and believing in your own ability to lead a happy, fulfilled life.

What do we do during coaching?

In the beginning I gather data about your personal and professional history and short and long-term goals. We clarify what you want; identify what has been holding you back; brain-storm ideas (given your life circumstances, personality, and willingness to step outside your comfort zone) on steps you need to take to achieve your goal(s); create a specific action-oriented, realistic plan for you to begin; and help motivate and inspire you to start!

At successive sessions, we will review your actions, looking at what has worked or not and why; refine the next action-oriented steps to take; use tools, techniques and ideas to help you move forward; discuss anything new in your life that may be impacting your progress and keep celebrating your successes!

As a former teacher and librarian, I may also recommend books that may help you achieve your goal(s).

How long are the coaching sessions?

The session is 60 minutes. I am flexible if you want more time.

Where does the coaching take place?

I believe that face-to-face coaching is best and most effective. But, I can do sessions on the phone if you prefer. We can meet in my home, your office, or even Starbucks. I am flexible.

Is there confidentiality?

There has to be trust between the coach and client. It is critical that the confidentiality of our conversations be totally protected. I assure you it will be.

Have you ever worked with a Life Coach?

Yes, there have been times in my life I have worked with both a therapist and a Life Coach. Going through a break-up, a financial crisis, weight loss issues, and a career change were times I have asked for help. Working with a coach helps me achieve goals and become the person I want to be.

Do you have a coaching specialty?

I focus on working with women who are interested in leading happy, healthy lives. My clients are most often interested in personal growth, being more creative and mindful, creating financial abundance, growing spiritually, and following their dreams. They are willing to look deeply at themselves and are committed to taking action to change.