I will be teaching 3 classes at the Adult Learning Center
at Renaissance Academy this Spring! Catalog will be out in early January.

A Joyful Journey to Weight Loss: Making Peace with Your Body  (4 weeks–Feb. 2-22)

            Tired of diets, deprivation, and drama about your weight? Ready to nourish your body with what it’s really hungry for, make slow but lasting changes, and be happy while on your journey to the weight you choose?

This diet-free approach to weight loss focuses on body acceptance and the belief that you can have the life you want in the body you have now. Giving up on dieting isn’t giving up on yourself—it’s giving up false beliefs, self-criticism, and being hungry. This class will teach you how to make lasting changes in a body you accept, love, and take care of.

Decluttering Your Life Inside and Out  (4 weeks –Mar. 8-29)

            If your life is stressed and out of balance, your home will be, too. In this class, we will learn how to get and stay organized, use a variety of strategies for eliminating clutter, and identify blockages to progress. In addition to ridding our lives of physical clutter, we will also learn to remove the emotional clutter, stress and negativity that keep us from fully enjoying our lives.

A Happier You!  (5 weeks –Apr. 12-May 10)

            Do you want to get more enjoyment out of every day, focus on the things that really matter to you, and become more inspired and motivated to live a full, happier life? Using techniques from Gretchin Rubin’s The Happiness Project (and the instructor’s own materials), this course will provide a practical application for a more joyful life.